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Motorcycle Wheels
Tightening / Pre-Adjusting

4 head tightening machine for a balanced tightening of all spokes.

High output machine for top quality motorcycle wheel tightening :
• The tension of all spokes is guaranteed, and consistent with the displayed tension values.
• The wheel has a steady tension and a good centering.
• Side-to-side, up-and-down and offset tolerances are close to those of the finished wheel, hence a very short subsequent trueing cycle.

The 4 tightening heads can be adjusted in any direction (horizontally, vertically, laterally, angularly and deeply), according to the spokes angles, position and diameter.

Easy maintenance with reduced costs thanks to the use of standard commercial components.

Range : 16" to 21"
Production capacity : 80 Wheels / hour
Working air pressure : 6 bars - 90 PSI
Air consumption : 130 liters/min
Sound level : <70 dB
Weight : 1300 Kg
Size : 3,06 x 2,90 x 2,16m
Safety mark : CE

MACH1 may change the above specifications without prior notice.

Access control via safety mat
Software for 40 spoke wheels.