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AccueilActualités0 to 500 000 Bikes in 3 years for SMW

0 to 500 000 Bikes in 3 years for SMW


0 to 500 000 Bikes in 3 years  for SMW

SPORT MECHANICAL WORKSHOP SRL, started producing the first bicycle 3 years ago, and this year more than 500 000 units are forecasted for Decathlon.
On wheel building section, Mach1 has started this success story together with SMW and has been able to progressively enlarge production capacity and adapt to volume and variety of production.
At the beginning, a combination of LTA and FT3W was the right answer: A fast and versatile lacer together with the fastest robot to tight, stabilize and finally true the wheels. A production capacity of 40 to 50 wheels per hour has been was progressively reached in the first 6 months of activity. This was very challenging, as all staff was very new and a lot of training and site support has been were required.
The support of Telai Olagnero (shareholder of SMW) has also been essential to provide with training and expertise in bicycle assembly.
With constant growth of production, SMW had to adapt its layout and turn progressively from flexible lines to mass production wheel building lines.
2 original flexible lines have been extended with an additional lacer and a V4iA (4 head tightening machine).
With these 2 additional machines, the production of these lines has reached 80 wheel/hour or more.
To process the 20% of references that are representing 80% of the volume, such a wheel building line is the right answer.
 The original flexible lines have been  continue dedicated to small batches where fast and easy changeover is required.
Finally, this is the perfect example of a flexible and high efficiency layout. Fast production lines for big series and some flexible lines for short series.
To continue improving its wheel building workshop productivity, SMW is experiencing LTS, the fast and simple lacer from Mach1. With good components quality, as SMW is using,  LTS is very efficient and for a lower cost of ownership. 
Now SMW is experienced and can prepare to reasonably double its capacity over and the next 3 years. No doubt that for future expansion, SMW will bet on LTS.